Although we serve up great local history at our monthly Harbor History talks, we are also well known for our hospitality, specifically homemade goodies. Last month we had a number of requests for this amazing recipe created by one of our wonderful volunteers. These “club cracker cookies” were a hit at our last talk and we wanted to share the recipe with you.

Do you have any great recipes you’d like to share? We are always in need of volunteers to make homemade treats for our talks and for other events throughout the year. Our programs and events are always sweeter with your help! Volunteer your baking skills today by calling us at (231) 526-9771 and we’ll happily add you to our “cookie list.”


48 club crackers, lined in a jellyroll pan
sliced almonds
1 cup of butter
2/3 cup of sugar

Boil the sugar and butter together for 3 minutes. Pour over the crackers and sprinkle them with almonds – as many as you like. Bake for 5 minutes at 300 degrees then broil for1 minute more, watching carefully. Remove from pan and separate while warm. 

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The Harbor Springs Area Historical Society is thrilled to announce that we have been granted a lifetime of free email marketing and communications services from Emma, Inc. We were selected as part of the 2013 "Emma 25" program which annually awards charitable organizations free email marketing tools. This year, Emma received hundreds of applications, from every state in the U.S., and we were picked as one of the 100 honorees! To learn more about the Emma 25 program, click on the image below!

Emma 25

We urge you to sign up for our email newsletter as we put this free Emma subscription to use! Our eNewsletter will keep you updated on all the latest events, programs and more going on at the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society and is a great way to see what is happening in your community. 

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Here at the historical society we are always exploring new ways to make the rich history of Harbor Springs more accessible to the public. With this in mind we are proud to announce the launch of our own channel on Historypin! is a website that utilizes Google Maps to allow photographs, videos and other content to be “pinned” to a digital map. Users can search anywhere on the globe and find interesting photographs and stories tacked to specific locales and can add their own material as well.

Below is an example of how amazing this site really is. Shown is an old photograph from our collections which has been pinned to Google maps. We then placed this image over the existing image of the building in Google's Street View. Using the sliding "fade" button at the bottom of the screen allows users to see what current buildings and places looked like in the past!Screenshot 2014-01-09 15.24.44

Using this site we will be able to share countless historical images and stories - which you can view right from home, comment on, and share with friends and family! Visit our channel to discover what we’ve pinned so far and stay tuned as we add more images and even walking tours to our page.

See what We've pinned on Historypin

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exhibitsawDecember was an important month for the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society and for the Harbor Springs History Museum which celebrated its fifth birthday on December 7! An open house was held in celebration of this special day with a chance for visitors to see both the permanent and temporary exhibits downstairs and Christmas crafts and refreshments upstairs. Over one hundred guests attended the open house and helped us end 2013 on a high note.

 In preparation for the open house, several new elements were installed in the permanent exhibit gallery. Dick Babcock volunteered his time to install two large artifacts in the local history section of the exhibit. First was a crosscut saw that now hangs just above the panels on logging. The second artifact is a large metal Texaco sign, loaned to the museum by Tim Tippett, which hangs above the section on the post-war era.
The local history galley also got four new flip books that were installed on special pedestals spaced throughout the different sections of the exhibit. These flip books expand on the information already provided in the exhibit and allow visitors to gain more in-depth knowledge on various topics from logging to resort life. HSAHS's newest staff member Beth Sylak took on this project in collaboration with board member Eric Hemenway and director Mary Cummings.

Stay tuned for more exciting exhibits and events in 2014! From all of us here at the historical society, have a happy holiday season and we hope to see you here soon!

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With the new year comes a new exhibit! The temporary exhibit case on the 2nd floor has been changed out and an exhibit of local artifacts and letters from both World Wars have been put on display. These include ration stamps and tokens, letters, and articles that pertain to our local area during World War I and World War II.

We also have our first Harbor History Talk of 2013 this week. Join local resident, artist and author Jane Cardinal as she delves into the history of the Good Hart area and its transition to a resort community.

Cardinal recently published "The Place Where the Crooked Tree Stood" with co-author Connie Cobb after years of research on Good Hart and its long history.

The talk will begin at 5:30 pm (please note the new, earlier time) in the second-floor Anton Library at the Harbor Springs History Museum, 349 E. Main Street. Admission is $5 per person and free to current Historical Society members. Cookies and coffee will be served. The Harbor History Talks are presented ten months out of the year by the Historical Society. Special thanks go to our 2013 sponsors: Harbor Springs IGA, Graham Real Estate and John Demmer.

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