Local History Gallery

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The first of our two permanent exhibits, the Local History Gallery guides visitors through a multi-layered chronology of the Harbor Springs region. Using text, photographs and artifacts, this gallery celebrates the various chapters in our history beginning with the Odawa Indians and concluding with a look at the post-World War II community and the emergence of the ski industry. Harbor Springs' traditions throughout history are featured in the Celebrations exhibit which includes images of parades, regattas, the natural landscape and, of course, Fourth of July fireworks.

Discovery Gallery

The Discovery Gallery is the second of our permanent exhibit spaces and is filled with hands-on activities for children and their families or teachers. Organized around the history of four area residents, visitors learn about locomotive inventor Ephraim Shay, Chief Andrew J. Blackbird, lighthouse keeper Elizabeth Whitney Williams and downtown merchant Rose Rosenthal. Trains, a fishing shanty, a play grocery store and more will engage and instruct children of all ages.  

West Vault

The West Vault was added to the former city hall building prior to 1896 and was used to store important records. The space currently features a display of Native American quill boxes

East Vault

The East Vault has been transformed into a small recording space for oral histories. Guests must ask for assistance if they want to use the space during their visit the museum. Guests can also set up appointments to use the space and equipment.  

North and Main Galleries

Serving as the museum's temporary exhibit spaces, the Main and North galleries host both traveling exhibits and temporary exhibits from the HSAHS collection. Visit our temporary exhibits page to learn more.

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Friday & Saturday
11:00 am to 3:00 pm

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Tuesday - Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

January 1, 2020

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